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Makani centres help students not fall behind in school

AMMAN — Two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, children from across the country are catching up on their studies with the UNICEF-led “Makani Learning Support Service” centres across the Kingdom. Since 2015, “Makani”, meaning “My Space” in Arabic, has provided 120,000 children with accelerated learning programmes, such as a reading recovery programme focussing on English, Arabic and mathematics. Makani focuses on children in grades one through nine who are not able to enrol and lea

RFC, UNESCO host World Press Freedom Day film screenings at Rainbow Theatre

By Tom Grant - May 14,2022 - Last updated at May 14,2022 Speakers during a panel session after a film screening in celebration of World Press Freedom Day at the Rainbow Theatre in Jabal Amman on Tuesday (Photo by Tom Grant) AMMAN — In celebration of World Press Freedom Day, the Royal Film Commission Jordan (RFC) in partnership with UNESCO hosted film screenings over three consecutive evenings at the Rainbow Theatre in Jabal Amman last week. Under the banner “Journalism Under Siege”, the RFC c

Public broadcasting is being taken away

The government announced the news that many in the media industry had been dreading: the plan to privatise Channel 4 before the next planned election in 2024. Now, there’s one thing you need to understand about Channel 4 before knowing what is to come next, and that is its current structure. Many of the conversations I’ve had with people over the last couple of days have consisted of things like “but Channel 4 has adverts” and “we don’t pay for Channel 4”. Yes, that’s true. But that’s what mak

BBC sets out northern agenda in annual plan

The BBC has released its Annual Plan for 2022/23, highlighting the corporation’s aspirations for the upcoming year. Director General Tim Davie and Chairman Richard Sharp stated in the foreword that the six-year-plan “will deliver the biggest programme reform since the 1990s and will help restore the UK’s creative economy after the pandemic”. The plan is the first since the corporation’s announcement of their Across the UK initiative, which aims to move workforce outside of London and into regio

Curtain falls on 3-day Berlin Human Rights Film Festival’s Amman screenings

Audiences are seen during the third and final day of the Berlin Human Rights Film Festival at the Rainbow Theatre in Amman on Tuesday (Photo by Tom Grant) AMMAN — The Royal Film Commission (RFC) in cooperation with the German embassy in Jordan over three nights this week hosted films at the Rainbow Theatre from the Berlin Human Rights Film Festival (HRFFB). Three films were shown over consecutive nights, beginning on Sunday, March 27 with the German-British-Austrian production “Dear Future Chi

NGO celebrates Int’l Women’s Day with climate change discussion

AMMAN — The non-governmental organisation “NAGAT – Towards a Better Tomorrow for Development and Empowerment” on Tuesday evening held an online seminar under the title “Gender Equality, Climate Change, Peace and Security” in aid of International Women’s Day. The event gave four women the platform to discuss the impact of these issues in the Kingdom and was attended by over 40 people through the online platform Zoom. The seminar was chaired by volunteers from the NGO, which is based in Amman, a

10th Women’s Film Week brings alive 13 powerful stories

AMMAN — The 10th edition of “Women’s Film Week” kicked off in Amman at an opening ceremony on Monday under the slogan “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, to commemorate International Women’s Day. Under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma, Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women and in partnership with Jordan’s Royal Film Commission and UN Women, the initiative aims to raise awareness about women’s issues through the work of various national and international filmmakers. The f

Local NGO raises voice of female athletes in Kingdom

Girls from the Mafraq Governorate gather round their coach before a game of football (Photo courtesy of Toward A Better Tomorrow – NAGAT) AMMAN — The non-governmental organisation “Toward a Better Tomorrow for Development and Empowerment – NAGAT” released a video highlighting women’s involvement in sports in the Kingdom to further empower them and increase their participation. The organisation, which was founded in 2019, has a vision for a “society where all women and girls can thrive in safe

The BBC says good morning Manchester

The BBC Daytime topical live programme Morning Live has relocated to Manchester from London. Its first broadcast aired on Monday, February 21. The move comes as part of the BBC’s ‘Across the UK initiative‘, which sees production of some programmes and units move outside of the M25 in order to create greater means of diversity within broadcasting. The BBC launched Morning Live in October 2020 for an original eight-week-run, before commissioning it year-round from January 2021. According to Head

BBC Three has bounced back to our screens

It’s 2am on a school night in Year 9 and you’re loudly awakened by the beginning of the Family Guy theme tune after you’ve drifted off during the last episode of American Dad. Remember it well? Well those nights may be back on the cards, just without everything but the drifting off, because the BBC announced on 11th January that BBC Three would be returning as a terrestrial television channel from the 1st February. Yes, the channel that brought you Don’t Tell the Bride, Snog Marry Avoid? and t

Snow brings delight for children, welcome distraction for families

People are seen enjoying snow in an Amman neighbourhood on Thursday (Photo by Tom Grant) AMMAN — People across the Kingdom have been taking advantage of the recent heavy snowfall to relax, play and take photos out on the streets. The snow was thick in many parts of Jordan, and in Amman people were out and about sledging, having snowball fights and enjoying the change in weather that occurred overnight. In Sports City, children could be seen sledging down its many embankments as snowballs were

Inaugural Jordan Air Balloon Festival takes flight in Wadi Rum

Viewers watch launch of hot air balloons in Wadi Rum on Friday morning (Photo by Amjad Ghsoun) WADI RUM — Breathing fresh air into the Kingdom’s tourism industry, the inaugural Jordan Air Balloon Festival dotted the skies of southern Jordan with a host of aviation events. The Ministry of Tourism launched the festival on Friday in Wadi Rum, as part of efforts to boost tourism in the Kingdom’s “Golden Triangle” area — Aqaba, Petra and Wadi Rum. Events began with air balloons launching from the

Fuse TV Today | Tuesday 9 February

Fuse TV Today brings you the latest news and interviews from behind the scenes at Fuse TV! On this inaugural show, Tom chats to Tegwyn from the new comedy series 'Teatime with Tegs', whilst Rob catches up with the team behind the 'Fuse Live Sessions'. Originally Broadcast LIVE on 9 February 2021. Read all about us on our website: http://fusetv.co.uk/ Follow FuseTV on Twitter for updates and behind-the-scenes: http://twitter.com/FuseTVUoM Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fusetvmanchester/

Comedy shows are still caught up in class, we need to stop laughing

New Labour, which was voted in during the 1997 General Election, changed the political spectrum of the end of the millennium, and it’s no surprise considering some of our best-loved comedy shows blatantly advertised it in every way they could. Whether you watched The Vicar of Dibley on the BBC or Cold Feet on the other side, the writing of the time truly reflected the socio-economic background of the UK. Victoria Wood’s BBC One comedy drama Dinnerladies showcased the plight of funding cuts at t
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